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game 10/10 some bugs in spitfire physics but ok. this game is getting better graphically speaking as in the variety of planes. my expectations are getting higher and higher with this game and i hope this goes from just an indie game to become a big company! I just think it should improve the map it's kind of impossible to land the plane outside the airport without it exploding. in the next update could bring the ShortStirling and fw190? please

don't know why, I prefer the one before it was updated. The bug that was in the camera mode got me a movement that was like in the movie. i didn't know it was a bug or it was. and what I really like in this new version is the improvement in some details that's all thank you keep up the spirit and I am waiting for the next update

Suggestion the Focke Wulf 190 A-1 or the FW 190 for short thats all ignore this if you want.

i would love if you would add a ww1 version

Can you add a button in the Mission creator that allows planes to stop on the ground and lower the landing gear.

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Man, getting better every day, and I thought it was an abandoned game!! That plane with three wings on the front, did it participate in ww2? Because if he participated, you could add it to the game, and also that plane  vought f4u, But these are just ideas for the game.

So where is the VR APK and how do I get in on my Quest 2?

this is rather laggy

Also I can't get this on the Oculus Quest 2. I did Sideload mine and it still won't work.

Is their a way to configure a gamepad ex: flight stick to this?

all dummies saying "add [insert plane name]" the ones on dont add planes, the dev (isni) adds planes and features every update there is, i see the lack of brain cells man

when is the update coming to pc

add dornier do 17 he very present in the battle of britain 

how to download the new update on pc????


the update isn't available for pc jet

Can you add M.S.406 and CR.714 ?


how to download the new update on pc

quiet frankly I enjoy this game. Just needs to update more often but a good game overall 10/10


the best lite flight sim on the market, sure it's not il2 but I bet you didn't know this game has some things modeled even more realistically than il2. Get it while you can for free and make sure to give a donation to the sloth almighty 

Have it on my phone, it's the opposite of a stress reliever 10/10

sadly you're unable to play on mac.

Im not really sure what the full list of controls are.. I need a little bit of help

So can you add c 47 in this month update ? please

this isnt war thunder its a 1940 based game

bro c47 is not a aircraft whit guns or bombs its just a troop dropper or a passager plane 

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can add american planes? like p-51 mustang


Maybe in the future😀I like american planes too


No this game is based on the battle of Britain

you know, in battle of britain there were a lot of aircrafts from other coutry:

and a lot more 

still a p51 is not period accurate, maybe a  Martlet (f4f wildcat) would be more accurate 

isni says he will add japanese planes in the readme.txt file


add jets

if you mean like F-16s then thats not going to happe


its ww2 based not cold era

only in war thunder


Can you add vr for pc


Can you please add b52 and c130 please in this month update 



bro its a ww2 battle of britain game

join the discord server bro

i hit a bf109

How do I enable mouse aiming?


Hey, I just found a bug. After playing the JU Bomber my gunners/crew got hit by enemy bullets. Then, the screen slowly went fully black(this happened to all the crew). Then, I was able to take this screenshot. Not entirely sure what happened, but please look into it.


send it to the sky on fire bug report cha



-Will you make the crews that ejected from the seat playable? Or will they just stand there?


Will the game still be updated after the steam release?



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i think isni will release the game on steam next update, iirc its a big one you can check the discord for more info

On itch? No


french people are interesting

hello ISNI

I know i keep asking but can some Please tell me how to play on Macbook please.

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Just download the mac ver , Extract the zip and run the .exe (or whatever it is for mac) ~~ this is mostly assumption, as i do not own a mac

But i tried and it does not work


Bro, please update, it's already August, update!!!! update !!!!!!!!!plz Thanks

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The next update is coming out the only thing he needs is the sounds for the new planes




Oh yeah also hes getting the sounds from a real ww2 veteran.


Wow awesome awesome, you spend a lot of time on this game right?


If you want more information about the update check there discord


I'm looking forward to this big update!

how do you play on mac os

plz answer


i play on macos

how do you play on mac


i did it

how do you play on ma




Ha ha, how did you change your avatar?(打電動)

I cant believe how you added the Messermitch 262 ITS JUST SO COOL T_T

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