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best game on the AppStore by far. I managed to pay for the workshop but I can’t access it. I’ll pay for it ten times over the game is so good!! I love the physics, how the planes crumble under canon fire, how the pilots can get sniped. I downloaded it on my phone and on my pc I can’t wait to get the full version 

You should add ejecting from the plane, could you add more American planes such as the P-51, B-17, B-29, P-38 and you should add more game modes and more threats from the ground and could you make a mini map. thank you

Just FYI, ejection seats weren’t put into widespread use until the late 1940s/1950s, so it would be realistic in any way for those to exist. During that time, bailing out was still the only way to escape an aircraft. Also the P51, B29 and P38 weren’t in operational use during the time period (For example, the Mustang I, the British version of the P51 (remember, it was originally a British order), the first production variant of the P51 didn’t enter operational service until January 1942). I would also ask for more clarification on what you mean by ‘more game modes’ (e.g. other than Mission Creator and/or more short missions?). And for ‘more threats from the ground’ do you mean like searchlights? Anti air was basically the only threat from the ground during this period - SAMs definitely didn’t exist.

But I would agree about a (toggle able) mini map, and would add my own about making Defiants act as they should to utilise their weaponry properly (without forward facing weapons, it’s useless and an easy way to get shot down to fly as if you have forward facing weapons), and should position itself appropriately. 


Is the game support controller?

on mobile i tried but it didn't work that well it only seems to control the direction your going.

first person is TAB. When is update?


I'm really anxious to wait for the update...

What's wrong with that painting website? Why can't it be loaded?

you it would be great to kno

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how to first person

i believe its TAB

I only have mac  WHERE IS MAC VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I get skins and textures on PC?

Bring Back Slow-Mo!

how to switch between people on a plane on PC?



  Meilleur jeu  de simulation bravo continuer comme ça

Dose anyone know how to import skins on p?

Whats going on with mods? I can't figure it out. Also APK isn't working and It's labeled as vr.

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Can you add more water surface effects or cloud effects, such as splashes stirred up by flying over the surface of the water and fog as you fly over the clouds,that can be more interesting!Whats more,i think more weather can be added such as the storm or snows.


Add new features like paratroopers or soldiers

update when happening

Next 1900 years


id ask you to you could refill ammo/gas and reapir on the airfield so you enter combat again from being out of gas or ammo or you've been shot down but the pilot is still alive

does anyone know how to slow-mo on PC because I've tried so many combinations and it doesn't work.

you have to press numblock then to slow down i think you press o and to go fast press 

It didn't work, do I have to hold zero or numblock and forward slash?

i think he removed cause i jus downloaded the new version and i cant slow down time for sm reason


add big american bomber and a nuke pls


absoulty, but also japanses troops for more fun!

i don't know

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I think this is a great game and has tons of developmental potential. it would be great if you could add:

  • American aircraft like the P-47, P-38 and P-51
  • More British aircraft like a Spitfire MKIII+, Mosquito, typhoon/tempest and bombers
  • more buildings in Dover and have them destructible
  • more flak guns
  • the ability to spawn on the ground
  • more boats (that might be able to shoot) that are sinkable
  • (big ask) An aircraft carrier with aircraft like seafires and sea furies that you can spawn, takeoff and land from/on 

I know that's a lot and no-one could ever do that but this gave is amazing and I would love to see it progress.  Also I don't know how to use the slow-mo, I tried al sorts of combinations of the * and / but couldn't get it to work. otherwise  great job!

That is perfect. But also imagine it online with friends.

Also how do we tell insi about your idea?


I played WT before

+++ I see gunner model on fps view and use ADS too.

+ Good AI.

- No refill ammo or repair.

- Pilot has easily dizzy by just turn your plane around.

- The control is more difficult than WT.

didnt even know theres a pc version

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i love this game with all my heart my problem is the whirlwind randomly spirals out of control if you are move left or right for too long and the h75 spiral out like the whirlwind once but i haven't had that problem since i don't know if this is a problem or intentional i just wanted to make you aware and i would love to see the fw190 be added but other than that out of 10 this game is a 30

Where is the VR APK?


Pls add this to your game





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I have an idea for the next update. Maybe add ground infantry like british, Italian, French and german. And for the vehicles like Tanks, cars, anti tank and Artillery. And most importantly add addons to your game. I hope you see this comeent isni love your game

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Oh and maybe a bit more pre built missions AND maybe a option to save scenarios you created?

Spitfire Mark II?

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An Incredible game, I'd recommend to install the playtest if you get bored playing the official version since it has tons of interesting content. 
This game is a straight 9.5/10

Features that are incredible: 

Very detailed cockpits
Mission editor
Realistic flight model
Realistic damage model
BIGGG variety of aircraft
And more epic shenanigans

I think for the next major update we need part of France and some bombers for the Allied side.

There are still bugs that I've found in the playtest including  cockpits sometimes not loading and the gunner view looks cursed because the cockpit isn't visible from the outside.

new update?


found something. Install the playtest here and you can get some interesting things like the tallboy bomb on the twinfire. but you may have to uninstall the normal version first

I wanted a twinfire but can't pay

Who knows how to fix this? (I'm on playtest) 

any new updates?

I haven't seen any yet but bla blue showed a giant bomb on the twinfire and a h 75 for the next one


Hello Developers,can you please say, here on the phones in Sky On Fire, the water has a texture,and on the Pc the water is just blue, is this a bug or is it necessary?,if you can, please add textures to the water,thank you very much in advance

maybe u can add the Horten HO-229


its was cool if u add the BV-238

how can i get planes like that

I love the idea of the game it has its own style can you please add a Germany map and the Avro Lancaster?

Hey, anyway to eject on windows as you can on apple? I can open canopy but can't actually eject! I feel like I've tried every key and can't find it.

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Press and hold "J". The canopy needs to open, then it takes 3 seconds to eject.


cute pfp

off topic but i just noticed u rated the game 2 stars out of nowhere hehe x3

It's going to shit in my opinion, and the discord community is full of assholes, and gets away with it even though it violates multiple rules (includes but not limited to homophobia and hate speech). But I got a strike with no appeal for accidentally posting in the incorrect channel. and isni, if you read this, fix your god damn mods and tighten the rope.

yep, also cute pfp



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