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Sky On Fire : 1940 is an indie WW2 flight sim !

The game takes place in the early years of the war , from the battle for France to the battle of Britain. 4 nations will be playable : Germany, France, England, and Italy. You can fly different aircraft , including legends such as the Spitfire, Hurricane, B.P. Defiant, Bf 109, Bf 110  Ju 87 , Ju 88 or He 111.

Multicrew makes it possible to control each individual crewmember in your aircraft, you can even let the AI pilot and light up ennemies on your 6 with a rear gun ! 

Use the mission editor to create your own scenarios, and with a free camera and photo mode, you will be able to save your best pics.

Engage in dogfights with a challenging AI, thanks to the mission editor, you can decide to fight either in a 1v1 or in a huge battle with dozens of airplanes.

This game is some kind of student project, and I am the only person working on it. You can check the discord server to be aware of new update and chat a bit with me and a lot of passionates.

Don't be fooled by the low-poly style ,  the game uses realistic physics , airfoil based and as close as possible to the reality !

Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ISNIindustries.SkyOnFire

Discord : https://discord.gg/EvBtM2B

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Nov 02, 2020
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Paint.net, Unity, Audacity
Tags3D, aviation, Flight, Immersive, Unity, Virtual Reality (VR), War, World War II
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Accelerometer, Smartphone
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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Have it on my phone, it's the opposite of a stress reliever 10/10

sadly you're unable to play on mac.

Im not really sure what the full list of controls are.. I need a little bit of help

So can you add c 47 in this month update ? please

this isnt war thunder its a 1940 based game

bro c47 is not a aircraft whit guns or bombs its just a troop dropper or a passager plane 

(1 edit) (-1)

can add american planes? like p-51 mustang


add jets

if you mean like F-16s then thats not going to happe

Can you add vr for pc

Can you please add b52 and c130 please in this month update 


bro its a ww2 battle of britain game

join the discord server bro

i hit a bf109

How do I enable mouse aiming?


Hey, I just found a bug. After playing the JU Bomber my gunners/crew got hit by enemy bullets. Then, the screen slowly went fully black(this happened to all the crew). Then, I was able to take this screenshot. Not entirely sure what happened, but please look into it.




-Will you make the crews that ejected from the seat playable? Or will they just stand there?


Will the game still be updated after the steam release?



(1 edit)

i think isni will release the game on steam next update, iirc its a big one you can check the discord for more info


french people are interesting

hello ISNI

I know i keep asking but can some Please tell me how to play on Macbook please.

(1 edit)

Just download the mac ver , Extract the zip and run the .exe (or whatever it is for mac) ~~ this is mostly assumption, as i do not own a mac

But i tried and it does not work


Bro, please update, it's already August, update!!!! update !!!!!!!!!plz Thanks

(1 edit) (+1)

The next update is coming out the only thing he needs is the sounds for the new planes




Oh yeah also hes getting the sounds from a real ww2 veteran.


Wow awesome awesome, you spend a lot of time on this game right?


If you want more information about the update check there discord


I'm looking forward to this big update!

how do you play on mac os

plz answer


i play on macos

how do you play on mac


i did it

how do you play on ma




I cant believe how you added the Messermitch 262 ITS JUST SO COOL T_T

when i open the "control" in setting, there's nothing.

How can i change the control setting??????????

you cant. But if you want to learn the Controls you can see "Command" Notepad.

you cant it will be added in future update but dont worry it not your game it like that already

you cant add control setting


Still waiting for the next sky on fire update

Why does my plane stall as soon as it drops the landing gear when it lands? 

It's a bug. Dev says he'll fix it soon.


I saw your update plan, will you add the D520 plane to the game?


good game!!!! 

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His dream never came true

can you play with quest and quest 2?

its  a WIP

if a creator see this pls put mutliplayer on android and pc i want to play with my friends

multiplayer is unlikely to come go check there discord server

my friend i do not think you know how complicated multiplayer is

lol i love the Chars and the moi face in that 1 tunnel. btw i flew threw it like 2 times

french or germany tanks xdd

french lol

lemme post a picture

you can go through the moi and it leads under the map

In the new version i cant' land

Can you help me?

Deleted 187 days ago
Deleted 187 days ago

here is video

Deleted 187 days ago

looked at it again. it happens when you reach below 200khm AND have the landing gear down. if it isn't don't this bug doesn't occur.

hello anyone remembers me?



hello its been a long time since i been in the community but, how many updates does thing game have since 2021?

5 updates

why can't i download it on mac? there is a .zip package that says you can download it on mac


just chillin

He's just like 🕴️


Yea, he just having some wine while sitting on the burned remains of his plane

hmmm this looks familiar


the brand new sky on fire update has alot of bugs in it hopefully there would be a bug fix soon.

Very good game, but there is a bug:

In the bf 109 F 1 when you extend the landing gear the back weal close

Ok, I tested it again and yes, it is when the bottom gunner dies. This bug is for the HE and the JU 88. It doesn't affect gameplay, but I just wanted to notify you of it.

Hey man, awesome game! New BFs are cool and the whole game mechanics are awesome! Great alternative to WarThunder since my PC cant handle it. I did find a bug, though, from the most recent update. On the Heinkel(am i spelling that right?) and the JU 88 bombers I found that the ball/downward gunner's legs stick out of the plane. It happens I think after he dies. Here is a screenshot:       Anyways, this is a great game and keep up the good work and awesome updates! (One suggestion: Add control over ground AA or have an option to turn on AA in mission creator. I would love to either be an AA taking out bombers/fighters or be a bomber and have to dodge the AA AND fighters so I can bomb the city.)

When you press esc the crew of any plane will stick there legs out

AA is already in the game..

Yea but i wish you could control it or turn it on in the mission creator.

You can

If you wanna turn on AA in the mission creator turn on war mode

kk thx for telling me

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